Horse therapy for the Human soul

At Risk Youth & Exceptional needs

Personal Development

Survivors of Domestic Violence

Corporate Team-building and Leadership Development

Horse therapy for the Human soul

Growth and Learning for Children and Youth

Horses are profound therapeutic teachers and have proven their ability to help children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional, behavioral and learning issues. Children and youth are all welcomed into a safe and non-threatening environment to participate in activities designed to build trust, resourcefulness, self-esteem and problem-solving skills. Participants draw on their interaction with the horses and compare it to other situations or relationships. A discussion about the experience furthers the opportunity for participants to learn about themselves, break down defense barriers, and successfully change dysfunctional patterns into positive ones.

Personal Development and Growth

Learn to trust and follow your intuition and find the correct path. Horses mirror our authentic feelings despite our best efforts to hide them from each other or to bury them in our subconscious. Once participants acknowledge what the horses reveal to be their true selves, the  journey to embrace unique gifts, release the behavioral patterns that hold them back, and develop new patterns begins. Participants will find themselves able to move forward and are empowered to make those life changing decisions that put them on the path to happiness and fulfillment.

Women's Empowerment/Survivors of Domestic Violence

Horses are sensitive and non-predatory beings. Even the largest and most spirited of these magnificent creatures has qualities that traditionally associated with feminine values. In these sessions, women are shown how to become the leader in a relationship based on trust, strength, gentleness, calm assertiveness, and confidence. They learn why horses choose to follow them when these qualities are successfully demonstrated, and why attempts to tame horses through forcefulness, intimidation, and coercion always fail.   Women find a sense of self-worth and accomplishment in being valued as protectors and friends of the horses along with being able to experience the freedom and peace of the barn.

Corporate Team-building and Leadership Development

Horses require their leaders to be clear in their communication, consistent with what they are asking, calmly assertive, and constantly attentive.  In this workshop, the participants’ body language is mirrored back to them by the horses. This body language reveals their behaviors, emotional responses, coping mechanisms, and how they are most likely perceived by other people, particularly co-workers. Horses show participants the skills required in knowing who they are, finding their position in the “herd” and being truly confident in their professional life.

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