Horse therapy for the Human soul

Two Hearts One Language is an Equine Facilitated Learning program, in which a horse professional works with clients and horses to address specific emotional and mental needs.  Working with horses helps people become more aware of their body language and what they are truly saying to those with whom they interact.

Horses are social animals, and, like humans, have individual personality traits and attitudes that define their role in the herd. Horses communicate with humans and other horses primarily through their body language. Nature has established horses as the hunted and humans as the hunters, or predators; therefore horses need us to be clear, consistent and confident leaders that they can trust to protect them and always keep them safe.

Activities involving horses require participants to focus on non-verbal communication and calm assertiveness to establish themselves as trustworthy leaders of these large, powerful and dynamic beings. Participants will learn about themselves, their thoughts, behaviors, and relationship patterns.  A person’s body language affects the horse’s behavior thus changing the horse’s body language. Participants are given an immediate response to their actions, because horses act as their mirrors reflecting their true selves.  Once presented with their true personal attributes, they are able to compare the experience to other situations and relationships, allowing participants to move past dysfunction and past traumas and continue forward in their lives.

Two Hearts One Language

We are dedicated to the belief that we are responsible for and should be empowered to take charge of the direction of our lives.

The care and expertise that is given to individuals and families by Two Hearts is phenomenal.  The counseling team assesses the dynamics within the family and creates a healing treatment process specifically geared to their needs.  As a resuld, my daughter and I have not only grown to be a tighter unit, we both have learned and grown as individuals.  Many thanks to Janie and her teams



I contacted Two Hearts, One Language with hopes of discovering for myself the healing power of a horse. I had read many other people’s testimony of finding redemption and healing after being partnered with a horse. I had so many questions, concerns, fears, worries, doubts even before my first session. I didn’t know what it meant to partner with someone, let alone a horse. I knew that trust would be required but I barely trusted myself, let alone other individuals or a horse. None the less, I had nearly exhausted all other options so I decided I would have to give Equine Assisted Therapy a try.

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In the beginning, I kept my head down, shoulders forward, often times not even realizing the  image I was projecting. Through various exercises with the horses, I have learned a great deal about myself, grown my confidence and uncovered many layers of trauma that I did not even realize existed. I have been enrolled with Two Heats, One Language for over four months now. My Neuropsychologist, friends and family are shocked by the recovery I have made. Each week I uncover new goals and they help plan how to accomplish them. Some days are harder than others but the team is always there to support me. The members of Two Hearts, One Language are knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely genuine. There is never any judgement or pressure, a HUGE plus for me. After I finish as a participant with Two Hearts, I plan to volunteer ensuring more individuals can find healing and move from being a victim of to a Survivor.




Two Hearts One Language is a fully approved NC non-profit charity organization (Tax ID #81-0798406).  704.591.0227  

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